Saturday, January 22, 2022
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house_washing_qld_6External Cleaning Services QLD are your roof cleaning specialists.

Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars in restoring a roof that just needs a clean.

You wouldn’t repaint a car just because it’s dirty would you? You would just wash it. Most of the time the roof just has a build up of dirt and mould.

External Cleaning Services QLD have been helping people give their home a face lift without the heavy bill.

We only used specialized equipment and our highly trained technicians approach every roof with care and excellence.

Our high pressure rotary cleaners will turn your tired roof into its former glory at a fraction of the cost, with instant results.

So to give your surfaces a face lift, give us a call at External Cleaning Services QLD or call 0428 588 897.

Roof rotary pressure cleaning is from $1.70 m2, Terracotta tile is from $3.50 m2

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